About Gail Neuls

Artist Statement

“I experienced abstract art for the first time while enrolled in the Fine Arts program at NIC. I love to apply bold colours and heavy texture in a stylistic manner pushing the limits of reality.  I am forever exploring new avenues of creativity by mixing media and sculptured effects in diverse ways. I start with an image and then allow the creative process to develop. What may begin as an organic piece of driftwood morphs into images and textures that beg for exploration.”

I find inspiration in the beautiful vistas of British Columbia, especially mountains and trees. I travel in the hopes of taking home photos to enhance with my paint brush, palette knife and many different mediums. Enhancing color and lots of movement is a favourite of mine.  Colour is a huge passion so I love to experiment with it in varying ways using it where other colours appear drab and lifeless.

It is my belief that if you tone down colour too much you basically lose it and it’s cheerfulness. I start painting with an image and then let it develop as I paint. I like to keep moving on to new depths of creativity.


I was born and raised in Grenfell Saskatchewan.  I moved to Courtenay, British Columbia in December 1969.  It was in 1980 I attended my first oil painting class. It stirred up my passion for art making.  After a lapse of time while my busy lifestyle took over I took drawing lessons from Tracey Kobus.  Now I was really ready to enter the art world.

“Painting is not the replication of reality but painting is the invention of reality.”

(One of my favourite quotes by artist Paul Klee)